Monday, December 5, 2011

Extracting Pomegranate Seeds Worth Every Last Ruby Gem

I admit it.  I've been intimidated for years at the prospect of harvesting pomegranate seeds even though I love the taste of them.  Why? 

My over-active imagination envisioned the tough, leathery skin giving me all kinds of problems to the point of having to break out a Sawzall.   If a power tool approach was required then I would certainly have pomegranate splatter everywhere!  Evidence staining my hands, walls ... well just about anything.  A horror flick in the making with it's little innards popping every which way.

This year it was time to get out of my own way with the arrival of pomegranates from my grandmother's yard.  She has been harvesting from her trees ever since I can remember and I don't recall any horror tales; just beautiful seeds and lovely jellies.  Unfortunately, I hadn't witnessed her strategy for attacking the red globes and made up my own over dramatized scenario.

Not wanting to waste a food which is known to be high in antioxidants, I tackled an extraction last week with a few tips from my mom.  And no power tools required!

Cut off the ends to aide in stabilizing for the next step
Score the leathery skin
Soaking helps soften the skin and working in the water prevents juice from splattering
The treasures are embedded in an inedible white membrane
Using thumbs to get under the seeds worked best
Liquid courage

Every time I face a fear head on, whether it is as simple has harvesting pomegranate seeds or something much more serious, I am usually always rewarded.  Rewarded in conquering the fear and rewarded with the outcome.  This week's outcome ... a bounty of red ruby gems!

In tonight's salad

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  1. So you were channeling me this week. I have 4 -- count 'em 4! -- large pomegranates sitting in my fruit bowl right now from my CSA box. I had some a couple of weeks ago and was really good about just hacking in and using them, but I've procrastinated this time. I believe I will take on your courage, liquid and otherwise, and delve in tonight!


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