Guest Bloggers

Why Guest Bloggers?
And why not? A person's life lessons are obtained through their own personal journeys.  By hearing each others stories we may just pick up a perspective we never considered before.  On occasion, I will invite a guest blogger to share their tale as it ties into food and drink.  I hope you enjoy.


About John Avey
I'll start with...he's my husband.  He is a terrific story teller as that is his day job.  His measuring of ingredients in the palm of his hand not withstanding, he makes a pretty decent meal when called upon.  As a former Boy Scout, his knife work and knot tying in the kitchen comes in handy.

John's post
Taking stock, his latest post

About Barbara Schwartz
A friend going back many years and one who shares my love of everything in home cooking.  I always enjoy swapping stories and a meal with her.   Barbara is married and a mother of two teenage boys, all of whom love to eat good food.  Fruit off the trees, tomatoes off the vine, and herbs from the garden contribute to their meals.  Barbara is a gardener, a community and school volunteer, a runner and hiker, and singer in three choirs.

Barbara's post
Barbara's latest post
One more!

About Joy Malaise
Joy loves everything about cooking, including a beautiful table scape.  She confesses that sometimes she gets so excited for holiday dinners she sets the table days in advance, leaving she and her hubby to eat on the bar counter until the big day!  Gary planted her very own herb garden last year so they are now experimenting with herbs.  He, too, is a great help in the kitchen and a mean bartender.  They love to travel and experience foods from the region they are visiting.  Their strategy when away, "let's try something I wouldn't make at home" and use that as a guideline when ordering.  

(yes this is written in purple for good reason...she loves purple!) 

Joy's post

About Sammi

The head puppy watch dog of the Avey household decided to try her paw at writing about food.  She's certain she's an expert.

Sammi's post

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