Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Morsel For Me?

Courtesy Susan Myrland
Guest Blogger

I just don't get it.  The only time Mr. Big hangs out in the kitchen is to eat his standard issue cat food. Why doesn't he seem to care about all the other delicacies in the world short of his silly fish shaped cat treats?  Doesn't he know there's a wealth of culinary items coming out of this very same kitchen?

Actually, Mr. Big and I put on a fairly decent show for my folks when pet food is involved.  We are in cahoots when we spar, spit and hiss at each other giving off our warning signs to not get near our own assigned food dishes.  We don't want mom and dad to know we actually get along; that would break our respective code of silence amongst our species.  Even though we are usually pretty cozy as they come when they aren't home, we're not so cozy that I'm going to share with him any food that may trickle off those counter tops!

I've seen it with my own two eyes.  That princely cat sniffs and walks away from people food when offered.  Something must not be right in the zany cat brain of his.  Not to worry; I won't let the food go to waste.

Ever elusive Mr. Big won't give permission to have his picture taken.  Reenactment.

Don't get this doggy wrong, I'm very happy to eat my usual kibbles whenever they appear in my bowl.  But a potential bounty can happen anytime mom or dad are in the kitchen or dining room or patio or pretty much anywhere.  When my granddaddy is around, he's the best at sharing.

I'm ready just in case

My parents know I'm pretty smart.  The mere sound of a crunching cracker, cereal, nut or chip has me on their heels no matter how hard they try to conceal their chewing.  I can just imagine the salty bits I could crunch on too.  Drool.  Better make sure I keep my hearing in good working order so as not to miss out on future potential offerings.

I've mastered the pitiful, "don't forget about me" look

More waiting

I try really, really hard not to be a thief.  Typically I mind my manners quite well and wait till I'm offered the gift of a half of a persimmon cookie.  Sometimes though, it's more than I can bear if they are in the living room enjoying their pre-dinner drink before putting the final touches on their dinner and they happen to leave cheese within my reach. I plead the fifth.

The best reward of all is if I can wait patiently.  My parents are generous while making sure I eat things that aren't bad for me.   That cat hasn't a clue what he's missing.  All the better for me.  Woof!


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  1. No canine creature has ever existed more deserving of such care as you, Sammi.


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