Thursday, September 12, 2013

Need an Appetizer Idea? FIGgedaboutit!

For many years I shunned the fig.  Wrongly, I classified it right up there with prunes and dates; something you "should" eat but hardly have an affinity for.  Boy have I been wrong.

A couple years back I started challenging myself to try new things.  By default, John got roped into trying new things too.  He's been a trooper with the small exception of kale which I now "slip" into his food (don't tell).  For me, you may remember I was persnickety about persimmons but found a way to enjoy them.  Enter the fig.

Always looking so regal at the Farmer's market, I started experimenting with Figs in salads and juicing.  Guess what?  I like them .... a lot!  So similar to eating a sugar cookie, except healthier.  Within the last month, in two separate cities, I had friends mention how tasty figs wrapped in prosciutto were.  Coincidence or an indicator I should try it?  Seizing the suggestion, I implored my second friend to show me his tried and true approach to this simple appetizer.

Our friend, Nick

First slice figs in half just up to the stem so that the stem acts as a hinge to keep it together.  Scoop out the center.  Reserve the scooped out meat of the fig in a bowl for the filling.

Mix the fig meat with a small log of goat cheese.

Throw in some fresh mint into the mixture; this will give the appetizer a brightness to the sweet and savory flavor.

Fill the scooped out fig shells with the goat cheese/mint mixture.  Similar idea to a twice baked potato.

Wrap the sweet, tangy package in a good quality prosciutto sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes at 350.

Let cool slightly.  Enjoy with a lovely glass of wine.


  1. This sounds awesome. I'm definitely going to try it.

  2. Go for it...the largest harvest of the season is happening right now! The secondary harvest season doesn't happen till next June.


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