Saturday, January 18, 2014

Big Sur, Big Thoughts

Contemplating life and all the mysteries it entails is a treat John and I enjoyed on a recent birthday trip to Big Sur's Nepenthe.  Of course, Big Sur is a breathtakingly beautiful destination for rejuvenating one's soul.  I probably would be happy at any establishment if it is in Big Sur...rain or shine.

Bottom of a Beer Glass, Circa 2014-Big Sur, CA
One of our great joys in life is an afternoon break with a nice beverage in hand taking in the surroundings.   Sometimes the break is about enticing conversation, or investigating the latest place with a fun vibe.  But on this birthday afternoon it was about being quiet and letting the mind wander.  Nepenthe delivered.

Our establishment choices are not always about the food. The choice may be determined because of the ambiance.  With Nepenthe it is about the destination where the food and drink are just an excuse to linger in comfort with a stunning view.

Big Sur's Highway 1 has many pullouts for taking in the scenery; but with each turn out it is just a spot for cars to park on a cliff.  Unless you take picnic and hike, there's only a few restaurants with view of the ocean where you can nourish your tummy and your soul.

What were my grand thoughts on this warm January day?  In case you haven't been following, California is in the middle of the driest period since 1849 since they started keeping track of such things.  On the surface, the sultry air, the sea mist ever looming and the crystal clear views made this day particularly alluring.  But the feeling is so deceiving; a trick of the mind if you will.  We need rain!  Less than a month earlier, Big Sur had a terrible fire because of the dry conditions.  Yesterday, our governor declared a drought emergency.  Helpless in feeling, there is not much I can do about it except to conserve the water we have.  These kinds of environmental changes are happening all over the globe; California is not alone.

Is this part of our evolutionary process?  Is there anything we can do about it?   Timely questions to consider when one takes stock on their birthday.  What do you think?

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