Saturday, December 22, 2012

26 Acts of Food Related Kindness

I've been struggling to write anything meaningful in this last week.  Like everyone else in the country, the events of Sandy Hook never stray far from my thoughts.  Writing about food right now seems a bit trivial, that is until today.

Have you heard about Ann Curry's 26 Acts of Kindness?  It started after she reflected on having to cover the atrocity for NBC News.  Replacing her feelings of being frightened, angry and helpless she tweeted:

What a gift she gave us to suggest we can create a new paradigm.  I'm in.  And so are many others.  Spying my twitter feed, here are 26 examples of food related acts of kindness since food and life lessons are what I write about.  This is not to the exclusion of the masses of other good deeds which have gone on in the past week.    I'm really hoping this is the tipping point.

Jeff Simmons@JeffSimmons2050
Participating in ? RT this and we’ll donate $0.50 on your behalf to to help solve .

kellyn elizabeth@ms_mellyn
Picked up the person's tab behind me at McDonald's. Act number 1/26

3 Paid for elderly couples meal at restaurant. Best part, when waiter said, “oh somebody just did this!” It’s spreading!
Lindsay George@lindsaymgeorge
I was the recipient of this was taped on the wall @ the Nashville airport! Excited 2 pay it forward!
I tried to impress this in my HS student. Go up to the quiet kid at lunch. Be the loners lab partner. Offer a kind word.
Taylor Smith@ctaylor_smith
Got a giftcard at Taco Cabana after eating. Left it at the counter for the next family with a young child.
Lesley Young@lesleyryoung
I am a teacher in ct and I was the recipient of a today from one of my 7th graders
 Gigi Poveromo@gigipov
today I helped load food for backpack activity next wed. Backpacks stuffed w food for kids w no food at home. Act 15
Michelle T@mishl20901
Act 9 of 26 gift card so the Salvation Army volunteer can go have lunch in memory of Chase Kowalski 💚
Ruby Pratka@mllemarguerite
went around grocery store looking for owner of dropped pair of gloves. Found him.
Brendan Schaller@brendanschaller
A woman doing 26 Acts of Kindness today bought the next two orders. I've been giving out candy canes. The world isn't so bad sometimes.

Server at Franklin,TN Chop House gets a special Christmas tip.

In a season known for giving, it is hard to know an entire community is grieving. Let's lift them up and honor them.

2nite I paid 4 an elderly mans few groceries. He thanked me over & over, lives on Social security w/a very tight budget❤❤ 

, out to dinner tonight with the family, saw an elderly women eating alone. My 10 year old asked the waitress for her bill. Act#2 

4th Act in honor of Little Daniel. Kids Daniel, Gabby, Addy gv 26 cupcakes to firemen#26Acts

- gave hot baked chicken, Christmas cookies & $26 cash to couple living in car. Their surprise was my thanks!!

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