Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Iconic American Restaurant Goes Extinct

Our generation has sadly witnessed L.A.'s famous Brown Derby falling into disrepair to just this last week the closing of the 75 year old Stage Delicatessen in NYC.  Vanishing legends such as these strike a melancholy chord within me.

Vintage Postcard of L.A.'s Brown Derby.  Famous for inventing Cobb Salads

Circa 2011
With this latest closing, I oddly feel I've lost a piece of me. My first visit to this Deli was with my mom.  We were celebrating my high school graduation during my first trip to NYC.  I remember those glorious very crisp pickles and of course the massively stuffed sandwiches.  Just last year, I introduced this place to a friend who was for the first time enjoying the New York experience himself.

Does my sadness make me that person who reminisces for the way things used to be?   Alternatively, does this really speak to Michael Pollan's assessment that America's food heritage has been dwindling because of decades of food policies to stimulate business in under served areas resulting in loans to grow fast food franchises and supermarkets?

Imagine if Solvang lost this classic.  It's possible.  We were there in the last month and the place was less than half full.  What would a stop in Solvang be without Aebleskivers?

These noteworthy restaurants define what makes these locations special whether it is New York's large Jewish community, Solvang's Danish influence or P-Town's access to some of the finest Lobster around.

P-Town's Lobster Pot
I've been asked by those who haven't done much traveling why I like to travel so much.  My answer is I want to see how other people on this planet live.  Food is so much a part of that experience as it defines much of what culture is about.

Santa Fe has some of the most classic old school restaurants around.  Check out Tecolote Cafe.

Atole Pinon Pine Hotcakes....who else would make these?
Never more have I been enthused about the new farm to table restaurants, but I appreciate them because of these predecessors.  Sorry Red Lobster, you just can't compete with the Lobster Pot and Applebees you just don't make hotcakes the way Tecolote lovingly does.

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  1. Post script. Another oldie will end it's tradition and this one hits very close to home.


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