Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dangling Chads and Other Callings on Thanksgiving Day

While so many were counting their blessings with loved ones on November 23, 2000, I chose to stand with John at the Broward County Courthouse watching officials count dangling, pregnant and dimpled chads.

Judge Robert Rosenberg examining a ballot.  Courtesy NBC Nightly News, November 23, 2000
Like so many in the service industry, military, health care and emergency responders; TV photojournalists work through the business of the day.  (An old adage says there are only two living things not running away from a fire; firemen and newsmen.)  "Breaking news" never happens at a convenient time.  On this day, he was the photographer who took these pictures waiting out the days at the courthouse until the election was called.

Courtesy, NBC Nightly News - November 23, 2000 (and my husband...)
The expression in the above picture mirrors the look I gave John through the phone receiver when he told me couldn't come home for the holiday.  Standing for hours on end, amidst the shouting and demonstrations in front of the courthouse and with no Thanksgiving references on this day is not what I envisioned for myself or anyone I care about.

While I couldn't pack up Thanksgiving and all its trimmings, I was fortunate enough to make the trek to him and his work buddies stuck on the same assignment.

It was an historical time and one I hope this country never has to repeat. But in our sacrifice of a home cooked meal with family and friends on this particular Thanksgiving, we witnessed a turning of the tide with an added treat of an interview with Senator Bob Dole.  He and his wife, too, sacrificed their day to participate.

Every Thanksgiving thereafter, I appreciate all those who are unable to spend the day as they truly desire in their hearts.  As for me, I count myself so fortunate to spend it with my family one more time.

What did our journalistic crowd have as our Thanksgiving feast on November 23, 2000?

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